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La enfermedad del domingo

Annabel is a successful businesswoman with a wealthy husband. At a reception in her villa she meets a woman, a member of the catering staff who has been hired for the evening. This woman is none other than her own daughter Chiara, whom she had left over thirty years ago. Chiara was just eight years old at the time. She now approaches her mother with an unusual request: to spend ten days together with her.

Decades after being abandoned as a young child, Chiara finds her mother and asks her to spend 10 days together in a remote location.


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Sunday's Illness (2018)
Rating: 7.0/10 (1,993 votes)
Director: Ramón Salazar
Writer: Ramón Salazar
Stars: Bárbara Lennie Susi Sánchez Greta Fernández Bruna González
Runtime: 113 min
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Released: 15 Jun 2018
Plot: A high-class old lady receives the unexpected visit of her long-time stranded daughter that she had left over thirty years ago, asking a strange request: to spend ten days the two together.